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Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative


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The Hedgehog and the Beetle – Disruption and Innovation in the Civil Society Sector. -By Burkhard Gärig, Executive Director of The International Civil Society Center, a sister organization of the TNGO. Comment on the book here!

New Crowdsourcing Platform Launched for Human Rights,,

 Permanent link, launched by Advancing Human Rights. Check out the interview with their ED, David Keyes here. Digitally enabling innovation in the realm of civil society, such as this application for human rights, is an important research interest for the TNGO Initiative.

Check out our new youtube videos!

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TNGO has been busy this semester with two visiting fellows as well as guest lecturers and out Digital event in DC.

Catch up with some of our videos on the Maxwell School Youtube channel.

Career Interviews: Richard Marshall, Josephine Oguta

Practitioner Interviews: Sophie Delaunay, Richard Marshall, Josephine Oguta

Guest Lectures: Sophie Delaunay, Richard Marshall, Josephine Oguta 

'Breaking Digital' Debate Video Recording Now Available

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Special thanks to all those speakers and organizers that made this event possible! Check out the full video here.

Disrupt&Innovate website launched by International Civil Society Center

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This new site maintained by International Civil Society Center seeks to extend the discussion about the future of the sector beyond the realm of their usual audience of leaders and experts. New blog posts will become live discussion sites every Tuesday, and Dr. Burkhard Gnarig (Executive Director of ICSC) will publish his new book, The Hedgehog and the Beetle on the site on April 21. Anyone will be able to comment on specific parts of the book. Find the site here: Disrupt&Innovate and follow ICSC on Twitter and LinkedIn.

TNGO Initiative and Moynihan Institute present NGO debate in Washington DC!

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DIGITAL AND 'BRICK AND MORTAR' NGOS DEBATE. April 2nd, 1:30-5:00 pm and CSIS in Washington DC and the Global Collaboratory at the Maxwell School.

NGOs Debate! for more information.

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