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TNGO Updates

Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

New Listserv Aims to Connect Environmental Scholars

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The 2015 Wesley Conference on Environmental Politics and Government took place on Bainbridge Island outside of Seattle, WA. The participants expressed a strong desire for a platform to foster excellence (theoretical and empirical rigor) in social science research on environmental issues. This platform welcomes scholars located in any discipline, working at any level of aggregation (village, city, province, country, regional, or global) and studying any sort of actor (individuals, communities, governments, firms, international organizations, etc.).

To join the listserv follow this link: EnvironmentalGovernance

Nonprofit fundraisers forgetting about Gen-X donors?

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While fundraisers are honing in on the digital preferences of Millenials, members of Gen-X are approaching their peak income earning and donating years. 

10 reasons why Gen-Xers are still important

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