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Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

Presentation on TNGO Initiative evaluation research with Plan International at the INTRAC conference on the evaluation of complex social change processes.

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On June 15, Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken presented a brief paper on the findings of multi-level applied evaluations of Plan International's transition towards Rights Based Approaches (RBA) at the INTRAC conference in the Netherlands on the evaluation of complex social change processes. For the brief working paper, click here. For the PowerPoint presentation, please click here.

Research by Christiane Page of the TNGO Initiative on leadership traits analysis is featured in the InterAction journal 'Monday Developments'

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The research by the TNGO Initiative's own Christiane Page, on the effects of leadership style on NGO impact, was recently featured in the April issue of Monday Developments, the monthly journal of InterAction, the US umbrella organization of development and relief NGOs. This interesting work highlights the interplay between TNGO leadership styles and constraints in the operating environment of TNGOs, and addresses how these factors affect the direction and impact of TNGOs. Christiane will soon defend her dissertation, which is based on data from the TNGO Interview Study, on this very topic.
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