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Transnational NGO Initiative presents on Charity Navigator developments during InterAction webinar

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On Monday June 4, Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken co-presented at a webinar benefiting the membership of InterAction, the US umbrella organization for development and relief INGOs. The webinar offered an update on how Charity Navigator (CN) -- the most influential web-based NGO rating system in the US --  is further developing its rating system. The webinar was directed at directors of evaluation as well as communication directors of InterAction members.

Now that Charity Navigator's 2.0 version -- which added transparency and accountability related indicators -- has been launched (Sept. 2011), the rating intermediary is researching the development of a 3.0 version that puts greater focus on results measurement and public reporting. Tosca, who is a member of Charity Navigator's advisory group, and whose students have beta-tested CN's 3.0 draft methodology for the last two years, summarized the students' findings to the InterAction members. It is clear that the eventual form of CN 3.0 will have significant influence on the results measurement and disclosure practices of INGOs, and that while InterAction members performed well on transparency and accountability criteria, this is less assured when it comes to results measurement and reporting.

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