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Presentations on RBA at meetings of the American Political Science Association

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Hans Peter Schmitz presented results of research conducted by the TNGO Initiative at the meetings of the American Political Science Association in Seattle, WA, September 1-4. He participated in a plenary roundtable that discussed the APSA Task Force report. Appointed by the President of APSA, Carole Pateman, the Task Force addressed issues of social justice, rights, and economic citizenship. In addition, Uwe Gneiting and Hans Peter Schmitz presented research papers on the panel 'Rights Based Approaches to Development: Have They Made A Difference?' The respective titles of the papers are 'A Human Rights-based Approach (HRBA) in Practice: Evaluating NGO Development Efforts' and 'Does the promise hold? A review of the effects of human rights-based approaches on international development programs.' Both papers are available online at Social Science Research Network (SSRN).
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