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Recent happenings from the TNGO Initiative

A Maxwell Alum Career talk on World Vision International, one of the largest NGOs in the world

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                  Chance Briggs, 97 MPA
World Vision International Career Talk



Chance Briggs jpeg Chance Briggs currently serves as national director for World Vision International’s operations in Mali. In this role, he manages a large development program focused on food security, maternal and child health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, agricultural production and marketing, and disaster preparedness and response.  


As a relief and development worker, Chance has served for 20 years in the US, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Mozambique. He has been a program manager, head of office, assistant director, emergency coordinator, project director, relief director, program director, country representative, and country director.  He served as a country representative for CRS in Nigeria and Albania and was a program director with World Vision International’s operations in Pakistan and Mozambique. As a teacher, Chance lived and worked in Brazil, the People’s Republic of China, and in the USA. For several years he led a program to send volunteer teachers to developing countries. 


He holds a Master’s of Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs as well as a Master’s of Education from Harvard University. Chance also serves on the board of directors of Ethical Expeditions, an American NGO that is engaged in rainforest conservation in Indonesia.  


Briggs was born and raised in Cortland, NY. He originally came to Maxwell in order to redirect his career towards US-based community development; however, through a Maxwell contact, he had the opportunity to go to Bosnia-Herzegovina as a volunteer election supervisor right after graduation—and those two weeks changed his life. He returned to Bosnia-Herzegovina two months later with his suitcases and a determination to find work.  Chance speaks English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish and gets by in Croatian, Mandarin Chinese, and Wolof, which he learned when he spent one year at the University of Dakar, Senegal, studying African Civilization & Literature. In his spare time, Chance likes to rock climb, ride his mountain bike, and spend time with his family. Chance is married to Renata Jagustovic-Briggs, who is from Zagreb, Croatia, and they are the proud parents of Maxwell Briggs, a 5-year-old boy who was born in Islamabad, Pakistan.   


Wednesday, October 5, 2011
12:00-1:30 p.m.

Room 204 Maxwell Hall








Oxfam's Head of Advocacy on Progress on Robin Hood Tax

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Here is an interesting blog update by Max Lawson, Oxfam's head of advocacy, on the progress of an European Financial Transactions Tax (aka Robin Hood Tax), with a brilliant video at the end.

Charity Navigator launches its amended rating criteria, now including accountability and transparency indicators

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 Charity Navigator (CN), the predominant and influential web-based rating intermediary for nonprofits in the US, just launched its revised rating platform ('CN 2.0'). This now includes indicators related to Accountability and Transparency, in addition to the financial health indicators which had been in existence from the beginning of CN, and which were highly contentious. To get a sense of the significant changes  in rating, which some NGOs have gone through as a result of the above change, please see the most recent blog post of Ken Berger, President of CN: 


Many NGOs as well as analysts and academics have advocated for these changes, since the financial health indicators did not offer meaningful information about NGO effectiveness. In the next 1-2 years, CN is expected to launch its next iteration, 'CN 3.0', which will include indicators related to the quality of results assessment, and the extent to which NGOs publicly report on their results. Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, co-Director of the Transnational NGO Initiative, who joined CN's advisory panel very recently, will  contribute to this next round of changes.

TNGO Initiative presents Dr. Brechin's talk on Government, Civil Society, and Nature Protection in Belize

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"Government, Civil Society, and Nature Protection in Belize, Central America: Models of NGO civic engagement"


Steve BrechinDr. Steven Brechin is a professor of Sociology at Maxwell School. His particular interest is in organizational, political, and environmental sociology. He is interested in understanding the range of organizational models that exist for the protection of natural areas and biodiversity.  In his current work, he uses the theoretical lens of the “hollow state” to explore the unique partnership between government and NGOs that has evolved in Belize to manage protected areas throughout the country, and its implications for public engagement, governance, and the goals of conservation. 


Belize has a well-developed and active civil society comprised of both domestic and international NGOs. Much of these organized civil society activities revolves around nature protection initiatives engaging both the government and local communities.  Nature-based tourism has become a major source of economic development for the country over the last several decades.  This presentation looks at different models of civic engagement pursued by domestic NGOs in Belize, Central America.  The cases presented here differ dramatically from those given by Dr. Derick Brinkerhoff in his presentation to the TNGO Initiative in February 2011 on his fascinating work on NGOs and civil society in Indonesia. You may wish to review a Youtube video of Dr. Brinkerhoff’s talk by clicking here 


September 27, 2011 

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 

Eggers 352 


Dr. Steven R. Brechin's talk

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TNGO Initiative Groups presents Dr. Steven R. Brechin's talk 'Government, Civil Society, and Nature Protection in Belize, Central America' 

Photos from Our Inaugural Leadership Institute

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Our first annual Transnational NGO Leadership Institute was successfully concluded on Tuesday, September 20, 2011. You can enjoy the pictures taken throughout the event here.

Presentation on Somalia famine at Hobart and William Smith Colleges

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On September 15, Hans Peter Schmitz spoke  to about 90 students and faculty at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS) about the current crisis in Somalia and the responsibilities of the global community. The talk titled "International Responses to the Somalia Famine: Too little, Too late" in the Sanford Room of the Warren Hunting Smith Library was followed by additional comments via Skype from recent Hobart graduate Matt Wilson ‘10 who is currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia. Wilson offered first-hand information about current relief efforts as well as the situation in refugee camps in the border region. This event represented the end of a fundraising and awareness week organized by the HWS branch of Americans for Informed Democracy. Donations go to Oxfam USA.

Presentations on RBA at meetings of the American Political Science Association

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Hans Peter Schmitz presented results of research conducted by the TNGO Initiative at the meetings of the American Political Science Association in Seattle, WA, September 1-4. He participated in a plenary roundtable that discussed the APSA Task Force report. Appointed by the President of APSA, Carole Pateman, the Task Force addressed issues of social justice, rights, and economic citizenship. In addition, Uwe Gneiting and Hans Peter Schmitz presented research papers on the panel 'Rights Based Approaches to Development: Have They Made A Difference?' The respective titles of the papers are 'A Human Rights-based Approach (HRBA) in Practice: Evaluating NGO Development Efforts' and 'Does the promise hold? A review of the effects of human rights-based approaches on international development programs.' Both papers are available online at Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Press Release on the Inaugural Transnational NGO Leadership Institute

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We are excited to host our first Transnational NGO Leadership Institute at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, September 14-20, 2011. The School's press release on the event can be found here.

TNGO Initiative member joins Charity Navigator's Advisory Panel

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Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, co-Director of the Transnational NGO Initiative, recently was invited to join Charity Navigator's Advisory Panel. This follows on years of engagement by various members of the Initiative in the discourse with Charity Navigator, other charity rating intermediaries, and INGOs on the impact of these rating systems. Charity Navigator is the largest US independent web-based nonprofit evaluator. It is undergoing wide ranging and important changes in its rating system, which through its indicators will balance the need for NGOs to be financially healthy, transparent and accountable, and to report on their results to the public. For the composition of the Advisory Panel which will guide these important changes, please click here.



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