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Lerner Faculty Affiliate Amy Schwartz and colleagues secure $3.5 million NIH funding

September 27, 2021

Lerner Center Faculty Affiliate Amy Schwartz is the Principal Investigator on a new $3.5 million grant funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research. The project: “COVID-19, Vaccinations and School/Community Resources: Children's Longitudinal Health and Education Outcomes using Linked Administrative Data” will examine how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted children’s health and education in NYC over time, using a set of linked administrative data from multiple domains and including all children enrolled in the public school system. The study will determine how racial/ethnic and income disparities were affected, investigate the effects of vaccine availability and uptake, and explore the role of school and neighborhood resources in shaping outcomes and disparities. Michah Rothbart, Assistant Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs at SU, is a Co-Investigator on the project.

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