Banks, Bybee quoted in TIME's State of the Union fact check

William Banks and Keith BybeeWilliam Banks, professor emeritus of public administration and international affairs, and Keith Bybee, professor of political science, were interviewed for the TIME article "Here Are the Facts Behind President Trump's Biggest State of the Union Claims." 

"Most experts agree that there is no crisis at the southern border," Banks said about Trump's claim that a wall is needed because of a crisis at the border. "Indeed, the heads of our intelligence agencies released their Worldwide Threat Assessment [last] week and reviewed a significant set of risks and challenges confronting the national security. The southern border and migration were not on the list."

Bybee weighed in on the claim that Trump has stacked the courts with conservative judges. "This is an area where he has actually been successful as he advertises," Bybee said. "When he came into office, there was an unusually large number of vacancies on the federal bench."