Broadnax speaks to students as part of national “History Makers” program

Broadnax, WalterWalter Broadnax, distinguished professor of public administration and international affairs and former adviser to two presidents, spoke to the junior class at Fowler High School in Syracuse on September 27 as part of the nationwide “History Makers” program. Through the program, ground-breaking black achievers visited schools in cities across the country.

Broadnax described the racial prejudice he experienced growing up in Kansas in the 1940s and '50s and the change brought about by the civil rights movement.

"There will be people who will look at you and say, 'a college education, for what? You can't do that,'" he said. "You keep on going, you keep working. It's the one thing that's the antidote to that horrible snakebite."

The event ended with students reciting a pledge to commit to excellence and follow through with their education. Broadnax acknowledged that the pledge is no guarantee of success but he said it could make a difference for a few.

"It doesn't work for all of them, but it works for some," he said.

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