Burman featured in SU Magazine article

Burman, LeonardProfessor Leonard Burman was featured in the Fall/Winter 2012 edition of SU Magazine, in an article entitled "Taxing Issues." In the article, Burman details the “coolest” thing he’s ever done kept his mind far from public finance. In 2005, Burman and his then-22-year-old son, Paul, biked from Oregon to New Hampshire to raise $108,000 for Partners in Health, an international health organization. “It was an amazing experience, especially when I saw the staff from the Boston office of Partners in Health with signs saying, ‘Paul and Len saving lives,’” Burman says. “I don’t think I lost it until I called my wife after we arrived.” Burman also discusses the various roles he has played in tax and budget policy over the years. 01/17/13