Chinese government officials amid training program

Group from Shenzhen City Government is the latest in a long-standing partnership

Shezhen-Group.jpgTwenty members of the Shenzhen, China, city government are currently amid a four-week professional training program at the Maxwell School, taking a range of courses centered on improving the rule-of-law of their municipal government. Their Syracuse visit runs through November 13, after which they visit New York City and then return home.

The Maxwell School regularly welcomes a group of senior and middle-level government officials from Shenzhen for a month-long course. Their participation is coordinated in China by the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution (IER), which collaborates with Peking University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This is the eighth cohort of its kind from Shenzhen in an ongoing relationship of executive education in professional practice hosted by the Maxwell School and IER. The government officials hail from various local governmental offices, such as the Office of Shenzhen Inspector General; the Shenzhen Office of Emergency Management; the Urban Planning, Land, and Resources Commission; and the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

The theme of this year’s program is focused in improving the rule of law in city governance. To that end, the cohort has spent its month in Syracuse learning about how to improve the legislative process and to apply laws fairly within the context of local governance. The program utilizes lectures, case study analysis, and discussions to take a diverse perspective of how the application of the legislative process can change in different contexts.

The Maxwell School has a long history of hosting international groups for executive education sessions, and has been working with the Shenzhen City Government in particular since 2007. Past cohorts from Shenzhen have studied themes such as administrative accountability and public service management.

Steven Lux, director of Maxwell’s Executive Education program, is thrilled to welcome the eighth Shenzhen cohort to Syracuse, adding “it’s a great opportunity to share with our colleagues from China the principles of our legal systems and the rule of law as Americans experience it.

“As we share we actively compare our systems to the systems as they exist in China today. In some cases, there are specific elements of our system that are relevant to China’s current administrative law reform process. In other cases, it’s a great opportunity to understand why things are different and likely to stay that way for the near future. We are grateful and honored to welcome these officials to the Maxwell School look and simply happy to continue strengthening our the relationship with the Shenzhen City Government.” 11/05/15