Dayton appears as guest speaker

Dayton,-BruceBruce W. Dayton, Associate Director of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs and Research Assistant Professor of Political Science, just returned from Beijing where he was a guest speaker at the 2014 International Conference on Emergency Management organized by the Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG) from September 27th - 29th. Dayton's address was delivered to over four hundred senior government officials and academic researchers from China, Europe, and South Asia. The trip represents the culmination of a three-year USAID and Asia Foundation-supported project to introduce Chinese scholars and public officials to international academic research on crisis and disaster management. Dayton, who heads the Moynihan Institute's Transboundary Crisis Management Research Project, introduced participants to key research findings related to a study of leadership decision making across over one-hundred case studies. Dayton's trip also included the finalization of a book for Chinese researchers to be published by the National Institute of Emergency Management at CAG this year titled, Crisis and Disaster Management in the United States: Research, Methods, and Findings. That book is co-edited by  Xuefeng Li, Professor at CAG, and Wendy Wicker, a doctoral candidate in Maxwell's department of Social Science. 10/01/14