"Drawing a line on Syria, US keeps eye on Iran policy"

Borouejrdi, MehrzadProfessor Mehrzad Boroujerdi was quoted in a recent New York Times article, which explores the United States' response to Syria in relation to sending a message to Iran. Boroujerdi asks, "the question is, if things go badly for Assad on the battlefield, at what point would Iran let the rope go?" Boroujerdi also participated in a podcast for BBC's Newshour on "Kerry puts Syria case before Senate" and was also quoted in the Radio Free Europe article "Did Obama Quietly Reach Out To Iranian President Rohani?" In addition, Boroujerdi was quoted in the Los Angeles Times article, "U.S. and Iran are edging toward direct talks" as well as being quoted in the Boston Globe article "Iran's new president seeks to begin outreach at UN."