Elman speaks on the Crisis of ISIS at interfaith panels

Elman, Miriam

Miriam F. Elman, associate professor of political science, was a featured speaker at two interfaith panels on “Violence in the Name of Religion: the Crisis of ISIS” co-sponsored by InterFaith Works, the Peace Islands Institute, and the Turkish Cultural Center.  Elman presented the Jewish community perspective at the first event, joined by Father Linus DeSantis of the Alibrandi Catholic Center and Tanweer Haq, former Islamic Chaplain at Hendricks Chapel.  She participated on a second panel along with Dr. Tony Bartlett of Wood Hath Hope Bible Study Community and Dr. Ahmet Celenli, Muslim Chaplain at the University of Rochester. The two panels were part of a tri-state initiative called Abraham’s Table, which fosters multi-faith engagement within local Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities.  Excerpts from Elman’s remarks and a full transcript of her talk can be found on the website of InterFaith Works here, and on the blog of the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT) here.  Elman’s perspective on interfaith dialogue in the age of ISIS, titled “For Peace Sake: Name and Shame Enemies of the Jewish People”, was also featured as a blog post on the media site Legal Insurrection and can be found here. 03/03/15