Elman writes op-ed on the targeted assassination of Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar

Elman, MiriamMiriam F. Elman, associate professor, Political Science, published an op-ed in Legal Insurrection on the recent targeted assassination in the Syrian Golan Heights of notorious Lebanese Druze terrorist Samir Kuntar in an air-strike attributed to Israel. Elman reviews the case of Kuntar, including his heinous 1979 crimes and release from Israeli jail in 2008, in the context of Israel’s history of lopsided prisoner exchanges and the current controversy regarding the return of Israeli POWs. The full article can be read here. Elman is a featured author at Legal Insurrection, a leading conservative website and blogging platform covering U.S. national politics and international security, with a focus on U.S. foreign policy, the Middle East, and Israel. Elman’s previous blog posts for Legal Insurrection can be found here. 01/04/16