Jackson discusses forced sterilizations, criminalization via Truthout

Jenn JacksonNews reports on Monday revealed that gynecologists in an immigrant jail in Georgia have performed high rates of hysterectomies, often without the full awareness of the immigrant women themselves. "The United States’s commitment to eugenics, medical abuse and forced sterilizations depicts the complex nature of perceived criminality in this country," writes Jenn Jackson, assistant professor of political science. "By marking certain people’s bodies as inherently evil, anti-patriotic and outside of the community of citizenship, the state casts a veil over the grave human rights infringements and institutional abuses it enacts against nonwhite, non-wealthy, non-male, non-normative people." Their article, "Forced Sterilization Is Nothing New to Criminalized People in the US," was published on Truthout.org. 09/17/20