Josh Aviv '15 (Econ) brings charge to electric vehicles on campus

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 | By Keith Kobland

Josh AvivAs a student entrepreneur who runs the clean-tech company SparkCharge, Josh Aviv ’15 BA (Econ) says he was surprised to learn there were no locations on campus to charge an electric vehicle. Electric cars are equipped to be charged using a wall socket, but that takes longer than the charging stations themselves. Thanks to Aviv, this is no longer the case.

"We had previously been working to install charging stations along the Thruway when we realized they would be put to better use here on campus serving our community,” says Aviv.

And now they are. Installation was recently completed on two charging stations, one located in the Booth Garage, the other in the University Avenue Garage, located near the entrance of each. For people who drive electric cars, it will go a long way in reducing something known as range anxiety. Namely, the fear of a car battery running out.

"I was very happy Josh donated the charging stations to Syracuse University, as I have an electric vehicle and drive about 50 miles into work each day,” says Sean Scanlon, vice president of advancement and external affairs. Scanlon is a big believer in electric vehicles in terms of both the savings on fuel, and reduction in carbon emissions in the environment. “Considering the environmental, financial and political costs of oil and gas, why use it when you don’t have to?”

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