Kallander wins prestigious fellowship

Kallander,-GeorgeGeorge Kallander, associate professor of history, has been awarded a fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study’s School of Historical Studies in Princeton, NJ.  During the 2014-2015 academic year, he will work on a new manuscript entitled, “The Royal Hunt in Koryŏ Dynasty Korea (918-1392).”  This manuscript explores the political identity and cultural practices of Korea’s Koryŏ dynasty in order to prove how the peninsula was impacted by regional dynamics.  Using leisure activities, such as the royal hunt, the work will demonstrate how vociferous debates among scholars about proper conduct stemmed from tensions surrounding Korea’s contacts with regional and Eurasian empires.  As a study of political transformation and cultural exchange, the manuscript will show that attention to seemingly insignificant practices such as hunting depicts how a multiplicity of cultural references existed in tension with each other and served as a battleground for defining elite masculinity.  The manuscript will offer a fresh understanding of pre-modern Korean politics and society, and how Korea interacted with the Mongol empire and Ming imperium in China. 02/24/14