Kriesberg publishes new book: Realizing Peace

Kriesberg,-LouisLouis Kriesberg, professor emeritus of sociology and founding director of the Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts (now the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration) at the Maxwell School, has published his newest book, Realizing Peace: A Constructive Conflict Approach (Oxford University Press). Kriesberg, who is a major figure in the school of constructive conflict resolution, pens a compelling narrative in Realizing Peace, helping readers to better understand what has happened in past American involvement in foreign conflicts; to think freshly about better alternatives; and to act in support of more constructive strategies in the future.

The central chapters of the book explore every major American foreign conflict since the onset of the Cold War and analyze the United States’ effectiveness and ineffectiveness in handling those conflicts. Realizing Peace evaluates the constructive nature of U.S. conflict management and whether its approaches could have yielded better consequences than more traditional coercive methods. It also provides commentary on how conflicts can be waged and resolved so they are broadly beneficial rather than mutually destructive.

Kriesberg’s interest in conflict resolution and peace research stems from a long fascination and concern for war. World War II and the Cold War, specifically, motivated Kriesberg to contribute to the prevention of wars and mass violence, eventually leading him to a lifelong career in the field of conflict resolution. Of Realizing Peace, Kriesberg says, “In recent years, I felt increasing dismay that my country, often with the best of intentions, had acted in ways that contributed to wars and oppression. I was determined to try to bring to bear what I knew from peace studies, conflict resolution and related fields to devise better strategies for Americans’ involvement of foreign conflicts.”

Realizing Peace is available for purchase on the Oxford University Press website, as well as on 05/07/15