Kurien was awarded a prestigious grant

Kurien,-PremaPrema Kurien was awarded a National Science Foundation grant from the Sociology program for her project, "The Incorporation of Minorities in Canada and the United States." Kurien's project contributes to the incorporation and social movement theories by examining the reasons for the differential mobilization of religious minorities in Canada and the United States. The focus is on groups that have broadly similar patterns of migration to the two countries and have close ties with their compatriots across the border, but yet manifest divergent social profiles within and between Canada and the United States. This research also aims to uncover the factors that influence the form that mobilization takes, whether it is "ethnic," "racial," or "religious." It will examine how different opportunity structures (both national and local), and differences in the characteristics of the groups, shape how they frame their grievances and mobilize. This project will be conducted in Toronto, Vancouver, New York/New Jersey, and Northern California, and will include interviews, analyses of information about the organizations, and media coverage of the groups.