Lambright awarded research grant from IBM

Lambright, HenryHarry Lambright, professor of public administration and international affairs and political science, has been awarded a research grant from IBM for his study “Replacing the Shuttle: Leadership, Change, and Public-Private Innovation.”  An expert in space policy, Lambright has completed numerous research projects and publications on the topic.

“Replacing the Shuttle” will analyze how NASA leaders have promoted and used innovative public-private partnerships to develop a replacement for the space shuttle, which was retired in 2011.  The agency has already developed new policy mechanisms to enable private companies to take over cargo and astronaut transport to the International Space Station.  Cargo delivery was successfully achieved in 2013, and crew transport is being currently developed.

Lambright’s study will look at how the partnership strategy ended up on NASA’s agenda, how it was formulated and adopted as policy during the George H.W. Bush administration, and how it was augmented under the Obama administration.  It will also examine how the work is currently evolving.

The report, which is expected to be completed in late summer, will draw on lessons learned for leadership and innovation, and will look particularly at when public-private partnerships make sense in getting large technical programs accomplished. 05/27/15