Lovely article on Trump's solar tariffs published on PIIE website

Lovely,-MaryMary Lovely, professor of economics and 2017-18 Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) Visiting Fellow, discusses the high tariffs President Trump recently imposed on imported solar cells in her PIIE blog post, "Trump's Tariffs on Solar Cells and Modules Don’t Protect American Interests." The tariffs are intended to strike a blow against China’s unfair industrial practices. "Unfortunately, the president’s actions do nothing to address the very real longer-term challenges for American workers posed by Chinese policies," says Lovely. "Simply put, unilateral tariffs are not an effective counterweight to Chinese high-tech ambitions."

Her blog post was also cited in the China News article, "Experts agree: Trump's solar, washer tariffs are a lose-lose strategy." 01/30/18