Lovely testifies before US-China Commission on US corps in China

Lovely,-MaryOn February 28, 2019, Professor Mary Lovely testified before the U.S.-China Commission on the "Risks, Rewards, and Results: U.S. Companies in China and Chinese Companies in the United States." "Removing barriers for American companies providing knowledge intensive goods and services in a Chinese market will expand employment opportunities here at home," Lovely told the Commission. "While we often see multinationals as the chief villains in the rapid decline of U.S. manufacturing employment, they remain an important source of U.S. manufacturing jobs. Multinationals constitute only 4 percent of all manufacturing firms, but they provide 51 percent of manufacturing employment," she added. "So these firms are important. And what happens to them in their operations abroad is important for what happens here at home." Lovely's testimony begins at the 2:18:50 mark.