Maxwell Dean Jim Steinberg is part of Markle Foundation economic initiative "Rework America"

Steinberg, JamesAmerica’s Moment:  Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age is a new book from the Markle Foundation’s Economic Future Initiative that lays out a range of strategies to expand ways for workers to develop the talents and skills for the work of the future and for businesses to grow and create good and meaningful work to support shared prosperity.  The volume is part of the Initiative’s Rework America project, a broad collaboration of more than 50 leaders—including Dean Jim Steinberg—comprised of entrepreneurs, educators, technology leaders, CEOs, diplomats, community and religious leaders, and others committed to advancing innovative strategies to reinvigorate the American Dream.

Of the project, Steinberg says “I am proud to be involved with this significant, innovative approach to the important national debate about creating greater economic opportunities for all Americans.”

The book asserts that America’s economic transformation of the past 20 years—as the world has moved through the information era into the digital age—has turned modern life and work upside down.  Amid these historic changes, the challenge is to ensure all Americans benefit.  The authors contend it is not only a time of extraordinary change but also of tremendous possibility in which technology and a networked world can serve as tools that present opportunity to all. 06/18/15