Maxwell announces promotions, tenure for six faculty

August 27, 2019

Madonna Harrington Meyer 2019 metaMadonna Harrington Meyer, University Professor, Sociology
Madonna Harrington Meyer, professor of sociology and Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence, was named a University Professor by Vice Chancellor and Provost Michele Wheatly. The prestigious distinction—a four-year, renewable appointment—is granted to faculty who excel in their fields and who have made extraordinary scholarly contributions as judged by their peers nationally and internationally. Harrington Meyer, a faculty affiliate at the Aging Studies Institute and a senior research affiliate in the Center for Policy Research, is a nationally recognized expert in social policy, aging, gender and life course. Harrington Meyer is author of Grandmothers at Work: Juggling Families and Jobs (2014), which explores the stresses and benefits that come from caring for grandchildren by grandmothers who are often fully employed themselves. She is a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, a distinction that represents the society’s highest class of membership.

The following distinguished individuals have been promoted to professor:

Jacob Bendix metaJacob Bendix, Professor, Geography
Professor Bendix specializes in biogeography, pyrogeography, geomorphology, human impacts on environmental systems, and media coverage of the environment. He is co-author of Asynchronous lightning and Santa Ana winds highlight human role in southern California fire regimes (2018), and Distribution and frequency of wildfire in California riparian ecosystems (2017). His research interests include impacts of disturbance (principally fire and floods) on plant communities; interactions between ecological and fluvial geomorphic processes; inputs and impacts of woody debris in rivers; and presettlement populations of beaver in North America and the impacts of their removal.

Elizabeth Cohen 2017 metaElizabeth Cohen, Professor, Political Science
Professor Cohen is a senior research associate in the Campbell Public Affairs Institute. She specializes in contemporary and modern political theory, the history of political thought, immigration, and citizenship. She is currently working on a research project titled Immigration in Our Time (under review by the Russel Sage Foundation Press), that focuses on immigration reform, assessing the ways in which the U.S. might enfranchise the large number of undocumented immigrants despite deep political disagreements over their presence. Cohen is author of The Political Value of Time (2018).

Tina Nabatchi metaTina Nabatchi, Professor, Public Administration and International Affairs
Professor Nabatchi is the Joseph A. Strasser Endowed Professor in Public Administration. She is a research associate in the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration and a senior research associate in the Campbell Public Affairs Institute. Her research focuses on citizen participation, collaborative governance, conflict resolution, and challenges in public administration. Nabatchi has written several award-winning articles, including “Evaluating the Productivity of Collaborative Governance Regimes: A Performance Matrix,” winner of the 2015 best article award from Public Performance and Management Review; and “The New Governance: Practices and Processes for Stakeholder and Citizen Participation in the Work of Government,” recognized as one of the 75 most influential articles in the history of Public Administration Review.

In addition, the following have received tenure and promotion to the rank of associate professor:

Julia Carboni metaJulia Carboni, Associate Professor, Public Administration and International Affairs
Associate Professor Carboni is a faculty associate in the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration. Her research focuses on collaborative arrangements designed to address large-scale social issues and social media use and management by nonprofit organizations. Carboni serves on national committees for several professional associations including the Academy of Management, the American Society for Public Administration, and the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action. She also serves on the Advisory Board for the Indy Food Council.

Saba Siddiki metaSaba Siddiki, Associate Professor, Public Administration and International Affairs
Associate Professor Siddiki is a senior research associate in the Center for Policy Research. She specializes in policy design, collaborative policymaking, and regulatory implementation and compliance. Her research has been published in leading public affairs journals, including the Policy Studies Journal, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Public Administration Review, Public Administration, and Review of Policy Research, among others. Siddiki is principal investigator for the project “Coordinating and Advancing Analytical Approaches for Policy Design,” funded by the Collaboration for Unprecedented Success and Excellence (CUSE) Grant Program (2018). 

“The faculty promoted are nationally recognized scholars, outstanding teachers, and engaged in making their work accessible to broader audiences in an effort to shape future research, and dialogue and practice,” said David M. Van Slyke, dean of the Maxwell School. “I’m grateful for their hard work and the positive difference they each make to Syracuse University and the Maxwell School.”