McMahon selected for honor

McMahon, FeliciaFelicia "Faye" McMahon's profile has been selected as one of 50 profiles to be featured in the Honors 50th Anniversary Celebration by the Renee Crown Honors Program. The Program wrote: "Many students come to Syracuse thinking they’ve arrived at a small, rather snowy city, in which the University provides most of what’s interesting to the locale. Professor Faye McMahon is adept at showing them that Syracuse and central New York is home to a remarkable diversity of cultures – Ukrainian, Hmong, Vietnamese, Burmese Karen people, First Nations people, Congolese, Somali, Bosnian, and more. Students encounter these cultures first hand through her courses via multiple trips throughout the region, as well as through academic work, and they come to understand how very pluralistic and diverse this city is.

Students rave about her commitment to folklore studies, and her ability to help them engage the material. In her classes “Aesthetics Across Cultures” and “Folk Arts, Festival and Public Display” they learn how to encounter and understand cultures different form their own, and how to establish relationships with people from very different backgrounds life-histories, and assumptions. Syracuse becomes a living laboratory of cultural exchange through Dr. McMahon’s courses, giving students a window on both the wider world and the world across town, each of which which turn out to be closer than they seem. In 2008, she was awarded the international Chicago Folklore Prize, the highest honor given to scholars in Folklore, for her scholarly work on the “Lost Boys” of South Sudan." 04/09/14