Monmonier interviewed for Post Standard article

Monmonier, MarkProfessor Mark Monmonier was interviewed for "What's the most dangerous hazard of living in Syracuse? Hint: It's not the weather." In the article, Monmonier argues that train tracks are Syracuse's top geographic hazard because "we don't have storm surges. We're relatively free of tornadoes. We're too far inland for hurricanes. Syracuse is one of the safest places in the United States." Monmonier also presented the keynote lecture “The Twentieth Century as an Era in Map History: Tipping Point or Merely Distinctive?” on 15 May, in Washington, DC, at the conference “From Terra to Terabytes: The History of 20th Century Cartography and Beyond," which was sponsored by the Philip Lee Phillips Map Society of the Library of Congress. 05/19/14