Montez study on life expectancy, state policies featured in HuffPost

Jennifer Karas Montez InsideProfessor Jennifer Karas Montez's recent study on US state policies and life expectancy was featured in the HuffPost article "GOP Policies Are Shortening American Lives." "Across a huge range of issues, the more liberal version of state policies predicts longer life expectancy and the conservative version predicts shorter life expectancy," says Montez, Gerald B. Cramer Faculty Scholar in Aging Studies. "What liberal policies have in common is that they’re ways of investing in people," she says. "They make sure working adults have a decent income, they have labor rights and they can breathe cleaner air. Conservative policies tend to do the opposite."

Montez's study was also featured in the Truthout article "People Who Live in Red States Die Younger. Conservative Policies Are to Blame."