Murrett discusses upcoming US-North Korea summit with Fox News

Robert Murrett


Denuclearization will likely be at the center of the meeting later this month between President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, says Robert Murrett, professor of practice of Public Administration and International Affairs and deputy director of the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism. “Trade is going to be a part of [their talks],” Murrett says, adding Kim has expressed interest in “bringing their economy into the 21st century.”

Some have speculated that Trump will announce a peace treaty and formal end to the Korean War. According to Murrett, a treaty could result in regional peace “with South Korea, but also broader in the context of Eastern Asia, Japan and Russia.”

Murrett adds, however, that a potential treaty “is not just about the U.S. and North Korea.” Other actors, including China, South Korea, and possibly a representative of the U.N. Command, would need to be involved, and the treaty would need to be ratified by Congress.

Murrett is featured in the Fox News article, "Trump, Kim Jong Un’s summit in Vietnam: What to expect from the leaders' second meeting."02/21/19