Panelists set for Campbell Institute NY-SAFE Act Debate

When he signed the bill into law, Gov. Cuomo claimed the NY-SAFE Act would give New York State the most comprehensive gun laws in the nation, keeping guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous mental health patients and banning high-capacity magazines and assault weapons. But NY-SAFE has also resulted in a firestorm of controversy over Second Amendment rights of gun owners, along with claims the law creates a cumbersome bureaucracy for enforcement that critics say won't lead to a significant reduction in violent gun crime.

New York State is currently challenging a lawsuit filed on behalf of more than 1,000 gun owners who have legally questioned the way in which NY-SAFE was approved, without the typical three-day "aging" period required for newly passed laws.

On April 5, the Alan K. Campbell Public Affairs Institute at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs will provide further insight into the issue as part of the Campbell Debates, taking place in Maxwell auditorium. The proposition for the debate is "This Assembly Supports the NY-SAFE Act." More information.