Policy brief authored by Popp released

Popp,-DavidProfessor of public administration and international affairs David Popp released a policy brief “A Blueprint for Going Green: The Best Policy Mix for Promoting Low-Emission Technology,” via the C.D. Howe Institute, a not-for-profit think tank in Canada, which aims to promote the general welfare of Canadian citizens through “sound public policy solutions.” In the brief, Popp explores various ways Canadian governments can use innovation and the economy to reduce carbon emissions, such as through carbon pricing and using the money from that to support research and development for green technologies. Popp says that not only will these initiatives benefit Canadians, but have potential for a global impact if other countries follow suit.

“Environmental policies are most important for promoting new green technologies. Policies must be in place not only to encourage the development of cleaner technologies but also to encourage the adoption of existing low-emission technologies,” says Popp in the brief.

To read the brief, click here: https://www.cdhowe.org/sites/default/files/attachments/research_papers/mixed/e-brief_242.pdf

Popp’s research was reported on in the Financial Post and the Calgary Herald, which call it “a must-read in Alberta.” 07/26/16