Radcliffe conducts session on ethics

Radcliffe, DanaDana Radcliffe, Adjunct Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, was recently invited by the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army to conduct a session on ethics for its Senior Leader Development Program.  Each quarter, the program offers its Advanced Course for the executive education of Army General Officers.  The participants include 25 major and brigadier generals and Senior Executive Service civilians.  The curriculum features a class called “The Consequences of Power,” led by an ethics professor.  Professor Radcliffe’s presentation focused on the themes of public integrity, the “Spider-Man Principle” (“with power comes responsibility”), and Lincoln’s ethical leadership, which the class explored in discussion of two real-world cases.  In line with one of the goals of the Course, special attention was given to the stresses and temptations leaders experience as their power increases. 06/09/14