Stonecash discusses what drives polarization in CSM

Jeff StonecashPolarization will also likely exist long after President Trump has left the stage, says Jeffrey Stonecash, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science. To understand it, we need to examine the ideas and values that drive it – which groups embrace some ideas and not others, and how those groups politically align, he argues. At the heart of all this is a question, Stonecash says: What defines America? "A fundamental argument coming out of the Democratic Party is that things are not fair," he says. "You have a Republican Party making a moral argument that’s fundamentally different...that it’s not about ‘fairness,’ it’s about who’s more deserving." Read more in the Christian Science Monitor article, "Election 2020’s fundamental question: ‘What defines America?’"

Stonecash was also quoted in the TODAY article, "US presidential election — what a Trump or Biden win means."