Students create new online home for undergraduate history journal

Chronos, the Undergraduate History Journal, is the only undergraduate academic journal on campus and one of the few in the country. During the Spring 2016 semester, the Chronos Editorial Board designed and created a new website for the journal. The 2016 Chronos Editorial Board members were undergraduate students Joe Sacchi, Dana Lechlieter, Alina Bagnamova, Thalia Matos, Christina Tavera, Jake Fabrizio, and Casiana Kennedy. 

“The new website really differentiates Chronos from other undergraduate journals,” explained faculty advisor Professor Osamah Khalil, “Only a few journals have a dedicated online presence.”

The new website was developed in conjunction with SU’s Online Learning Services department. Brooke Winckelmann of Online Learning Services worked closely with the Chronos Editorial Board from the initial conceptualization of the site to its launch. “It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to provide support as the students developed the Chronos website. I’m honored to have worked with such a dedicated group of students, and to see them create something exceptional,” said Winckelmann.

In addition to the new website, the editorial board also produced a new issue of the journal. The 2016 issue contains five new articles by student authors covering a wide range of historical topics from the British eugenics movement to assistance programs during the Great Depression to the normalization of relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

History Department Chair Michael Ebner explained that “for over a decade, History undergraduates have edited and produced Chronos. Year after year students have decided to publish a hardcopy version, something they found more meaningful and substantial than merely posting a pdf on the internet.” Ebner added that the new website would not only facilitate the electronic distribution of Chronos, but would also “create a hub for the undergraduate History experience.” “The History Department is very proud of the journal and the new website, and we look forward to seeing what students will do next,” he said. 06/06/16