Students from Singapore attend training program at Maxwell

NAP1Twenty exceptional students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (MAP) in Singapore will attend an education training program at the Maxwell school from June 16-26.  The program introduces the students to the American college experience and the social sciences, public affairs, and public policy.

The students attending “Introduction to American Society, Public Affairs, and policy” will join a lecture or discussion session each morning on issues such as policy making and implementation, trust in government and public participation, American political perspectives, U.S. foreign policy, the American criminal justice system, the American economy in a global perspective, and environmental policy in the U.S.  In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to visit community organizations, government offices, a local high school, businesses, and the Onondaga Court House to meet with a local judge.

David Van Slyke, professor of public administration and international affairs and Bantle Chair in Business and Government Policy, and Bill Coplin, professor and director of public affairs, will lead the program for the School.  Other faculty members, community leaders, and local officials will add their expertise to the program as well. 06/16/14