The Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion announces grant winners

The Lerner Center is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Faculty Fellows Grant Program. The purpose of the Fellows Grant Program is to fund population health or health promotion research at SU that focuses on impacting health behaviors, institutions, systems, or policies to reduce risk for and/or consequences of chronic disease and/or premature mortality at the individual, community, or societal levels. Projects must include one or more of the Lerner Center’s key strategic priority areas of diet and nutrition, physical activity, tobacco use, substance misuse, stress reduction, and mental health. This year’s winners are:
“Nudging Physical Activity in Early Adolescents with ADHD”
Kevin Antshel, Dept. of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
Andrew London, Dept. of Sociology, Maxwell School
Scott Landes, Dept. of Sociology, Maxwell School
Joseph Boskovski, Maxwell X Lab, Maxwell School
“Impact of Gardening on Refugee Mental Health, Community Building, and Economic Well-being in Central New York”
Rashmi Gangamma, Dept. of Marriage and Family Therapy, Falk College
Laura-Anne Minkoff-Zern, Dept. of Public Health, Food Studies, and Nutrition, Falk College
Bhavneet Walia, Dept. of Public Health, Food Studies, and Nutrition, Falk College
The Lerner Center was established in 2011 with a generous endowment from Sid and Helaine Lerner. The mission of the Center is to improve population health through applied research and evaluation, education, engaged service, and advocating for evidence-based policy and practice change. The Center partners with local residents, students, researchers, and public health professionals to identify health needs, develop programming and deploy collaborative initiatives.