Uechi completes book on public dimensions of information technology

Edward Uechi Edward Uechi ’08 MPA has written Public Service Information Technology: The Definitive Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology of Cost-Effective Operations and Services (Productivity Press, 2020).

Uechi’s book explores the complex intersections between various areas of information technology (IT) management. By demonstrating how constructing computer information systems requires both technical and business management skills, Uechi is able to demystify how IT operate in language tailored to a non-specialist audience. In doing so, Uechi provides suggestions concerning how public managers and senior executives can harness the power of IT systems for the benefit of their own work. With a number of worksheets and practical guidelines, Public Service Information Technology makes the complex world of computing technology immediately accessible to those seeking ways to directly transform and improve the world.

Uechi has worked in information technology since 1996, beginning as a computer technician and now an internationally recognized IT manager. After transitioning from Silicon Valley’s private sector to nonprofit work, Uechi worked as a consultant on projects supported by USAID and the World Food Program. He has also provided technical, organizational, and management assistance to both governments and corporations across Africa and the Middle East.

You can read more about Uechi’s new book on Routledge’s website.