Arriving at Maxwell

Congratulations on your admission to the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs.  We are pleased you have been admitted to the MPA and/or MA IR Program. Please read the following instructions carefully. There are several matters that you should address immediately, as well as others you will want to consider as your first day of class approaches. Please also browse the University’s web site to familiarize yourself with offices and services available at Syracuse University.

Immediate Action Items 

1) Return the INTENT TO REGISTER FORM.  This forms is used to indicate your decision (accept.decline) on our offer of admission. This form and a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to confirm your decision to enroll.  These should be sent no later than April 15.  We cannot guarantee a place in the incoming class if this form is not received by the deadline.  

2) Make sure that you have obtained the immunizations required of all Syracuse University students(see below, health matters)

3) Syracuse University must have a degree bearing transcript from your undergraduate and/or graduate institution when you matriculate. If you are still engaged in study, please be sure to request an official transcript as soon as your degree is conferred. Please bring this with you when you arrive on campus. 

4) If you are a US citizen, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible.

Correcting Semester of Enrollment and Requests for Deferrals

Your Intent to Register Form should have the correct semester/year for your enrollment. If it is incorrect, please change this on the form and return it. All MPA students must matriculate in the summer term, unless you are participating in our concurrent program at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University. MA IR students not in a joint program matriculate in the Fall term. 

The Department of Public Administration and International Affairs is happy to approve a deferral of entrance for one year. You must submit this request in writing, with the non-refundable deposit and Intent to Register form.   You should file your Intent to Register form as an “Accept” for the original term and include a letter asking for deferral for one year. Once your deferral is approved we will change your matriculation date with the Graduate School.  If you do not officially defer your admission with an Accept/Deposit submission, you will need to completely re-apply for consideration for a future year. 

International Students can only defer entrance, once officially admitted. This will require submitting proof of finances and a deposit.  

Health Matters

Immunization and Health Records

A Health Record will be sent to you with your entrance packet in early May. This form must be completed and returned before June 15th. Students born after January 1, 1957 must submit documentation of the following immunizations administered after 12 months of age:

2 doses of measles vaccine;

1 dose of mumps vaccine; and

1 dose of rubella vaccine.

Other medical records must also be provided. Students not providing this information by the middle of their first month on campus face suspension from the University.

There is a mandatory Health Services Fee for all full-time, matriculated graduate students. This will be billed in the fall and spring semesters only. Payment of the fee entitles students to health services in the clinics of Syracuse University Health Center. The cost of support services such as x-rays, selected procedures, medications, and hospital supplies are in addition to the health fee, although often at a reduced cost to students. Part-time students may opt to pay the health fee for the same coverage, or pay per office visit. Graduate students who hold assistantships, fellowships or tuition scholarships of at least 12 credits per semester receive a health fee remission.


It ismandatory that all students carry health insurance to cover expenses not covered by the health fee and medical expenses incurred outside the health center, such as emergency room care, hospitalization, eye care and dental services. University policy requires that all students have health insurance while on campus. Information on health insurance programs/costs will be sent directly by the Health Services Center to all matriculating students later this Spring. For more information on programs and costs (next year costs will not be available until late spring), please contact Linda Deon.

Graduate Assistants are eligible to participate in the University’s Group Health Care Plan. Coverage details and premium rates may be obtained at the Office of Human Resources; Employee Benefits; Skytop Office Building; Syracuse University; Syracuse, NY 13244; (315) 443-1873.


On-Campus Housing Options

Syracuse University does not offer on-campus housing for Graduate students.

Off Campus Housing Options / Resources

Private off-campus housing  is available in the residential neighborhoods surrounding the campus. A list of recommended housing is available on this site under the housing link.  The Department of Public Administration and International Affairs will be updating information on housing options throughout the spring.  Please feel free to call the PAIA Office if you are renting a place off campus without visiting it in person. We will be glad to tell you about the area of town and if we have any information (from prior students) about landlords or leasing companies (315) 443-4000.

You may look at a very useful housing flier here.

Tuition Payment Policies

Expenses for your degree program can be found at Admissions and Financial Aid. Please note that these figures are estimates. They are based upon the estimated cost of attendance calculated by the Office of Financial Aid each year. Actual expenses will vary widely for individual students, depending on how many credits they take and on their living habits.

Payment for all charges assessed by the University is due 30 days from the first day of classes for the fall and spring semesters. Summer session tuition is due at time of registration. Students using federal student loans for their tuition payment may defer summer payment until loan funds are disbursed so long as your loan is in progress and this can be verified by the University (this is why the FAFSA is so important to file!). Summer Federal Student Loan Applications will be automatically mailed to students (US Citizens), by the Office of Financial Aid.

Further information on Syracuse University’s payment policies can be found in the booklet, Tuition, Fees and Related Policies, which is available from Bursar Operations; 102 Archbold Gymnasium; Syracuse University; Syracuse, NY 13244; (315) 443-2444.

For information on Graduate Student Financial Aid (Loans only - and not merit based department/ university awards), please contact Cynthia Roach Cynthia Roach in the financial aid office and identify yourself as an incoming graduate student. The Department of Public Administration and International Affairs is the best point of contact for any questions regarding University Fellowships, Assistantships, Scholarships and Cash Awards, however these decisions will not be made until mid March.  All students will be notified if they will (or will not) be granted a departmental financial award at this time.  We recognize and appreciate that there is much concern over funding, but contacting the office regarding your status with regard to a merit based award only slows down this process. Please be patient with us and know that we will be working very hard to get these notices out as quickly as possible. ALL students will hear from us whether an award is made or not no later than April 1.   

International Students

International students are only admitted to Syracuse University by authority of the Graduate School upon recommendation by each department. The Graduate School will alert all International applicants of their admission (and perhaps the conditions that must be met by the applicant in order to comply with University and/or US Federal policies). Once an official offer of admission is made by the Graduate School (without conditions), the Office of International Services will process and send all necessary documents for obtaining a student visa. For further information relating to visa arrangements and international student life at Syracuse University please contact the Lillian and Emanuel Slutzker Center for International Services, 310 Walnut Place; Syracuse University; Syracuse, NY 13244. phone/(315) 443-2457, telex/937430, fax/(315) 443-3091, or via email