Choosing Maxwell

If Maxwell is one of multiple schools you are still considering for your graduate education, we invite you to revisit Why Maxwell?, where we share the many reasons we believe that, for most students, Maxwell offers the richest combination of pluses you would look for in a public administration or international relations degree.

We think these factors are especially important:

  • Maxwell's professional degree programs are time-concentrated, allowing you to earn your degree quickly and get on with your career.
  • For MAIR students, Maxwell offers a powerful assortment of global internship opportunities to enhance your classroom learning.
  • Maxwell's PAIA professors conduct important, interesting research - a direct reflection of Maxwell's inherently multidisciplinary structure.
  • Maxwell alumni are among the most loyal and helpful of any school's graduates, and will occupy the core of your future professional network

We invite you also to consider this Comparison of Costs chart, based on publicly available information on the programs at other schools, as well as our most current MPA and MAIR Employment Statistics. You'll discover that Maxwell delivers as much or more education at a lower cost than other schools of public administration, policy, and international relations.