For Admitted Students

Forrest Ball on Student DiversityCongratulations on your admission to the Maxwell School's graduate programs in PA and IR!

As you consider your graduate choices, we hope that you will strongly consider SU's Maxwell School. Prospective students ask us each year - What sets Maxwell apart?  That is simple and complex all at once. Simply put Maxwell provides a dynamic community of public service minded professionals ready to work hard to solve some of the world's most challenging problems.  Our students seek careers that make a difference - and Maxwell not only prepares them for these careers, but also provides the resources and alumni network that supports their professional development goals.  

        TO LEAD, to serve, to learn

The world demands creative and practical solutions to problems.  It needs people to analyze, to lead, to organize and to respond.  It needs people who know how to think smart and work smart.  Maxwell's graduate programs in PA and IR are for serious minded people who want to lead, to be involved and who are committed to public service and global engagement. It's not for everyone...Is it for you? 

        to lead, TO SERVE, to learn

Maxwell PAIA alumni have meaningful public service minded careers that have real impact on real world challenges.  Serving all over the world, Maxwell alumni engage in real solutions to the most critical issues facing communities. Joining Maxwell unites you to a world wide community or scholars and practitioners doing good work, work that matters, and work that awaits our next group of graduates.                                                                             

         to lead, to serve, TO LEARN

Entering the Maxwell's graduate programs in PA and IR requires ability, intelligence, discipline and a willingness to join a dedicated group of scholars and students who are seriously committed to public and international service.  Maxwell faculty represent the best in their fields. Our faculty are fully engaged in our program and committed to your learning. Maxwell will prepare you through a rigorous, flexible program of study in a dynamic community, providing experiential based learning in real world applications.  It takes hard work and perseverance ... Are you ready for all that these programs have to offer?  

Contained in these admitted student pages is more information to help you fully consider Maxwell's graduate programs in PA and IR.   We hope that you will take the time to come and visit us, join in on a webinar, read our blogs, or at the least connect with our current students and alumni to hear about their experiences.  This is a special place, and we hope you will decide to take your next steps with us.

We will communicate any important information via email directly.