PAIA Alumni Coffee Chat 

Each year we reach out and connect with our very loyal Maxwell alumni - all over the world - as they get excited to hear about the new students we have admitted to study here. Many offer to meet with you over coffee to share their stories - about their time at Maxwell and over the course of their careers.  These connections can be helpful in exploring our school and programs.

Our 2018 Listing of Alumni Connections for PAIA Alumni Coffee Chat Month (March 10- April 10) is now available.  If you are an admitted student, please email us at and we are happy to share this contact list so you can reach out and schedule a meeting!  If you do not see an alumni listed in your specific city, please do feel free to reach out to any of the alumni listed to schedule time to talk about the program, their experiences and the Maxwell School's wonderful alumni network!  

Our alumni are generous with their time and love to speak with our admitted and current students about their academic and professional careers.  If you reach out, please give them some time and they will respond. Please do not email the entire list.