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2018 Recruiting / Webinar Schedule

Each year, admissions professionals and alumni representatives attend graduate admissions fairs sponsored by the Association for Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA), Graduate Degrees for the Public Good Fairs, and the Diversity Alliance of Public Policy Schools (comprised of admissions representatives from the public policy programs at Maxwell, Harvard, the University of Michigan, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon). We also host a number of Info Sessions on university and college campuses throughout the US and around the world. 

We hope that you can join us at an event in your area - or virtually via one of our Maxwell Webinars.  If you are in Syracuse area, please feel free to contact us to arrange a personal visit to campus.  We are also glad to help you connect with a Maxwell graduate in your area.  E-mail us at You will also find our Admissions Blog helpful when considering the program. 

You may also want to connect with our alumni at any of the several informal alumni happy hours planned throughout the year (and added to the list below). An RSVP will be required for each of these events. Please identify yourself as a prospective or admitted student on the RSVP form.  As these are informal alumni gatherings, there will not necessarily be anyone from the university or admissions office present.  Many of these events will take place at 21 and older establishments, please be sure to have a valid government-issued photo ID if planning to attend. Questions should be directed to our Director of Alumni Relations, Jessica Murray.

April 11:  Live Webinar - Maxwell Faculty and their Research - 2018 
2:00 pm Eastern Time 
CANCELLED - Please do enjoy the previously recorded webinar on this topic as below. 
Hosted by Christine Omolino

A review of the nine cutting edge research centers within the Maxwell School, the faculty (throughout PAIA and other disciplines) and their research, and how students within the school can engage in these activities while enrolled in the MPA and MAIR degree programs.

April 11:  Maxwell School Albany, NY Spring Alumni Reception

5:30 - 7:30 pm
at Savoy Tap Room, Albany, NY
RSVP Required

April 12:  SU/Maxwell Alumni Event - Houston, TX
Balancing the Risks and Rewards of Emerging Technology

Admitted/Prospective students may join our alumni - RSVP required
Professors Peter Wilcoxen (PAIA) and Shui-Kai Chin (ENG) will discuss the 
considerable impact technolocy has on every aspect of human life. 
6:00 pm Reception
7:00 pm Program
Hotel Zaza, The Fountain Room, 5701 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005
Cost: $10 per person includes beverages, appetizers and our program.  

April 13: Live Webinar - International Students Information Session for International Admits
9:00 am Eastern Time  

Hosted by current Maxwell PAIA Students: Antonio Michel, Sanjana Suresh and Maria Luisa 

Three current Maxwell students will host a webinar for admitted international students (MPA, MA IR and Executive 
programs).  They will address your questions about life in Syracuse and studying in Maxwell.  This is an excellent 
opportunity to interact, ask questions, and discuss the opportunities that will arise if you choose to join the Maxwell

April 26:  Maxwell School Phanstiel Lecture Presents The Honorable Andrew H. Card, Jr. 
& Maxwell School Washington, DC Spring Alumni Reception

Phanstiel Lecture:  5:30 - 6:30 pm 
Alumni Reception to Follow: 6:30 -8:00 pm 
at Maxwell/CSIS, 1616 Rhode Island Ave, NW 
For more details and to RSVP  

Maxwell Faculty and their Research

Hosted by Christine Omolino

This webinar highlights our faculty, their research, courses, the research centers and activities, and how this integrated approach prepares our students for their professional careers in public and international policy and management. 
Maxwell Faculty and their Research - Recorded Webinar

Maxwell's Graduate Programs in PA and IR

Hosted by Christine Omolino

MPA, MPP, MA IR... Which program is right for you? An overview of the MPA and MA IR programs and joint degree options. 
Graduate PA and IR Programs - Recorded Webinar