External Funding Options

Graduate students entering Maxwell have been successful in obtaining funding through a variety of external funding sources. The most complete listing of external funding resources is the SU's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs bulletin board.  Below is a small sampling of external sources from which recent students entering the PAIA Department have benefited. 

  1. Financial aid for study abroad: International Education Financial Aid  

  2. Scholarships & loans for study abroad & exchange programs: InternationalStudent.com  

  3. For International Students: IIE's Funding for United States Study: A Guide for International Students and Professionals

  4. Scholarships and other information for students interested in studying the Central and Eastern European Studies: EastChance.com   

  5. The National Academies' list of fellowships, scholarships and grants   

  6. The Department of Education's site on Financial Aid for Students, with link to "The Student Guide."

  7. The College Board's online scholarship search.

  8. Sallie Mae's Online Scholarship Service.  

  9. North Carolina State University's excellent database on graduate fellowships 

  10. Peterson's information on financing education and other topics

  11. H-GRAD website 

  12. Fellowship & Postdoc Opportunities at the National Academies

  13. Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority website  

  14. NSEP Graduate International Fellowships  For more details, please contact Mehrzad Boroujerdi (mborouje@maxwell.syr.edu ) in the Political Science Department.

  15. IREX-IARO: Individual Advanced Research Opportunities Program - Grants of one to three months are available to U.S. graduate students for research in the social sciences and humanities in Europe and Eurasia.  

  16. Fulbright Grants for Educational and Cultural Exchange Program  

  17. www.studentawards.com