International Relations Summer Advising Sessions

The registration period for Fall 2019 classes for new graduate students opens on Thursday, August 1 and is completed via our online registration process on MySlice. This is when pre-registration opens, but schedule changes can be made until the September 3 academic add deadline.

Since this will be before many of you arrive on campus, we will be hosting two web-based advising sessions prior to the IR Orientation, as well as advising during the International Relations Orientation, scheduled for August 19 to 22.

The web-based advising will include a short presentation about the program requirements and plan of study, a MySlice tutorial, and a Question and Answer session.  Please try to participate in one of the three sessions if possible.  

Online Summer Advising Sessions for Incoming International Relations Students

Session #1: mid June Date TBA

Session #2: mid July Date TBA

If you are not able to make one of these sessions, please contact Josh Kennedy directly for more information. Josh is currently on leave and will return in late May.