On-Campus Housing Options

Syracuse University does not offer on-campus housing for Graduate students.

Off Campus Housing Options / Resources

Making housing arrangements is the responsibility of each student.  Please be assured that there is ample housing available within the University area at very reasonable prices.  Networking with students who are currently in the program is a vital tool for finding housing.

All entering MPA and MAIR students are placed on a PAIA email listserv through Syracuse University.  As housing leads are received, they are forwarded to this listserv.  This also serves as a place to connect with your fellow incoming classmates to advertise for roommates, etc. Please contact us at paia@maxwell.syr.edu to let us know if you are not receiving the listserv emails.  

Private off-campus housing is available in the residential neighborhoods surrounding the campus. Please feel free to call the PAIA Office if you are renting a place off campus without visiting it in person. We will be glad to tell you about the area of town and if we have any information (from prior students) about landlords or leasing companies (315) 443-4000.

The following websites are great resources as you begin researching your housing options:

Renters guides on the web for off-campus housing: Syracuse Apartments.com and Apartment Finder  

Visit Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services  for information on housing.

For local websites check Syracuse.com.


Off-campus housing is available both in multiple-bedroom apartments/houses and in single bedrooms/studios. Typical rent per person in a 3-bedroom house can be between $300-$400. Studios range around $400-$500 and one-bedroom apartments - around $600-$800.

When choosing housing, it is important to pay attention to whether utilities (gas, electricity, water, heat) are included in the rent price. During the winter, utilities for a 3-bedroom house can easily go above $300 per month, while in the summer the costs are usually closer to $100.

Prices of utilities for studios and single-bedroom apartments can vary significantly, depending on size. Most of these units, however, are offered with the utilities included in the rent price.

Apartment Complexes

There have been several new apartment complexes built to accommodate SU students, but can be pricey.  They include Park Point and University Village Colvin.  SU students sometimes choose to live at the Clarendon Heights, the Vincent Apartments and the Nob Hill complexes, which all offer an affordable option in relative proximity to the university.

A more expensive alternative are the Regency Tower, Jefferson Tower and Madison Towers Apartments, which are located closer to downtown Syracuse. One of the largest landlords offering apartments — in complexes and converted homes — all near main campus is Campus Hill Apartments.

The website ApartmentRatings.com posts various reviews on the quality of living and management of apartment complexes in Syracuse. In addition, the PAIA staff will be happy to assist students with recommendations and suggestions in their housing search.


Aside from apartment complexes, graduate students most frequently choose to live in the Euclid / Westcott neighborhoods.