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Maxwell Alumni and Current StudentsAmong the more than 10,000 graduates of the Maxwell School are nearly 7,000 with master's and doctoral degrees in public administration, international relations, and other professional fields.

They are diverse and widespread, living in 148 countries on 6 continents, and working in a broad distribution of fields.

In recent years, among graduates of the MPA program, roughly 40 percent have entered government (all levels), a quarter or more find work in nonprofits and NGOS, and another quarter or more enter private business (often in the so-called "quasi-public" sector, serving government clients). For MAIR graduates, the numbers are roughly comparable, although more enter international government and NGOs and a higher percentage of government hires are overseas.

Maxwell graduates are famous for their affinity to the School and to one another, forming one of the strongest professional networks they will ever have. To optimize this network, Maxwell's Office of Alumni Relations supports a variety of online services while sponsoring regional events and other means of alumni connection.

Chief among the online activities is a LinkedIn group numbering more than 5,000 and "SectorConnect," an array of LinkedIn subgroups devoted to specific career fields. Visit the Office of Alumni Relations to learn more.  You will also find there a small collection of Alumni Profiles and the @MaxwellAlumni blog.

Recently, MPA and MAIR alumni were invited to complete a five-question survey about their Maxwell and post-Maxwell experience. Find their response on the Maxwell Alumni page.