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A solid foundation and professional network to sustain your career

The validation of any professional degree program is the success of its graduates. The careers of a program's alumni predict the types of careers - both in kind and quality - that current students can aspire to.

There are nearly 7,000 alumni of Maxwell's graduate degrees in public administration, international relations, and related fields. In some respects, it is difficult to generalize on their whereabouts. Prepared with an education that is interdisciplinary and broadly transferable, Maxwell graduates are well represented in all public and quasi-public sectors and in a large variety of organizations.

What is common to many of the positions that MPA and MAIR alumni hold is influence. Because of the breadth and richness of their degrees - the varied applicability of the managerial and analytical skills, combined with a strong balance between high quality scholarship and practice - our alumni are known to demonstrate superior understanding and perspective. This serves them in not only their first post-Maxwell position, but wherever their careers lead.

Graduating students benefit from a highly regarded and well-placed network of Maxwell alumni throughout the United States and all over the world; and they benefit from Maxwell's comprehensive and well-connected Center for Career Development. This section of the PAIA tells you more about how networking and career-search services assist current students.