Costs & Finances

Professional graduate study represents an important - and not inexpensive - investment in your future.

We are committed to helping you prepare for the true costs of study -tuition, fees, and living expenses.  Each year, PAIA is able to provide funding to more than 50 percent of incoming MPA and MAIR students. (During the summer months, another 20-25 percent of students receive University support.)

While, on the one Maxwell's MPA and MAIR degrees are among the best available anywhere, they also prove to be more affordable than similar degrees at many institutions. Not only are our programs time-condensed, the cost of living in Central New York is remarkably reasonable. These factors, combined with the department's ability to provide financial assistance to a majority of our incoming students, helps our students manage the financial burdens of a high-quality professional degree program. 

To help you assess this difference, we have prepared this chart comparison of costs based on publicly available information on the programs at other schools.

We hope this information is helpful in planning for the financial obligations of graduate study at Maxwell. If you ever have questions, please contact us at or 315-443-4000.