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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Public Administration & International Affairs

Course Schedules and Listings

Current Class Schedules

PAIA Spring 2018 Schedule. Updated October 17, 2017

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Course Descriptions and Syllabi

Official course descriptions can be found online through the Syracuse University Course Catalog at For full degree program information, see the MPA Handbook and MAIR Handbook, available at

Syllabi are available for courses where indicated in parenthesis after the course title.

Most PAIA-based courses are described below. Non-PAIA courses that are included in the interdisciplinary MAIR program are not listed here, please contact the home department for more up-to-date information. (Note also that not every course listed below is offered every year.  Check the class schedules above.)

PAIA Core and Signature Courses

PAI 600 - Public Affairs Colloquium

PAI 705 - Research Design for International Relations Practitioners (McPeak Syllabus, Schnell Syllabus)

PAI 706 - International Relations Capstone Seminar

PAI 707 - Culture in World Affairs (Peters Syllabus)

PAI 710 - International Actors and Issues (Steinberg Syllabus)

PAI 712 - Public Organizations and Management (Lecy Syllabus)

PAI 716 - Economic Dimensions of Global Power (Brown Syllabus) - Crosslisted with ECN 610

PAI 720 - Principles of Economics (Brown Syllabus)

PAI 721 - Introduction to Statistics (Lopoo Syllabus, Michelmore Syllabus, Wolf Syllabus)

PAI 722 - Quantitative Analysis (Hamersma Syllabus, Lecy Syllabus, Michelmore Syllabus)

PAI 723 - Economics for Public Decisions (Hamersma Syllabus, Popp Syllabus, Wilcoxen Syllabus)

PAI 734 - Public Budgeting (Bifulco and Hou Syllabus, Rothbart Syllabus)

PAI 748 - Non-Profit Management (Carboni Syllabus)

PAI 751 - Regulatory Law and Policy (True-Frost Syllabus)

PAI 752 - MPA Workshop

PAI 753 - Executive Leadership and Public Policy (Murrett Syllabus)

PAI 755 - Public Administration and Democracy (Nabatchi Syllabus)

PAI 762 - Challenges of International Management and Leadership (Christen Syllabus)

PAI 895 - Managerial Leadership (Gerard Syllabus, O'Keefe Syllabus)

PAI 897 - Fundamentals of Policy Analysis (McPeak Syllabus)

PAI 996 - Master's Project Course (Hou Syllabus)

PAIA Elective Courses

PAI 600 - International Macroeconomics and Finance (Brown Syllabus)

PAI 600 - Stabilization and Growth in Emerging Markets (Brown Syllabus)

PAI 601 - Fundamentals of Conflict Studies (Gerard Syllabus) - Crosslisted with SOS 601

PAI 700 - Public Management of Technological Development (O'Keefe Syllabus)

PAI 713 - Governance and Global Civil Society (Bruno-Van Vijfeijken Syllabus) - Crosslisted with PSC 703

PAI 715 - Topics in Globalization and Development

Courses taught under the PAI 715 catalog number are held in Washington, DC at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  Up-to-date course lists can be found online at

PAI 717 - International Security (de Nevers Syllabus)

PAI 718 - U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy (de Nevers Syllabus) - Crosslisted with PSC 706

PAI 719 - Fundamentals of Post-Conflict Reconstruction (de Nevers Syllabus) - Crosslisted with PSC 719

PAI 727 - Responding to Proliferation (de Nevers Syllabus)

PAI 730 - Central Challenges to National Security Law and Policy (Banks and O'Keefe Syllabus)

PAI 730 - Crime, Drugs, and Violence in Latin America (Fernandez Syllabus)

PAI 730 - Data Driven Decision Making (Lecy Syllabus)

PAI 730 - Health and Development (Peters Syllabus)

PAI 730 - Health Economics and Policy (Hamersma Syllabus)

PAI 730 - Public Finance: An International Perspective (Hou Syllabus)

PAI 730 - Smart Grid: Security, Privacy, Engineering (Wilcoxen Syllabus)

PAI 730 - Tax Policy and Politics (Burman Syllabus)

PAI 730 - U.S. Mexico Relations (Fernandez Syllabus)

PAI 730 - U.S. Federal Budget: Social Security and Healthcare Reform (Palmer Syllabus)

PAI 731 - Financial Management in State and Local Government (Rothbart Syllabus)

PAI 732 - Collaborative and Participatory Governance (Nabatchi Syllabus)

PAI 735 - State and Local Government Finance (Yinger Syllabus) - Crosslisted with ECN 635

PAI 738 - U.S. Intelligence Community: Governance and Practice, 1947 - present (Murrett Syllabus)

PAI 739 - U.S. Defense Strategy (Murrett Syllabus)

PAI 742 - Public Administration and Law (Snyder Syllabus)

PAI 744 - Metropolitan Government and Politics (Lewis and Rooney Syllabus)

PAI 747 - Human Resources Management for the Public Sector (Gerard Syllabus)

PAI 749 - Financial Management in Non-Profit Organizations (Rothbart Syllabus)

PAI 750 - Managing Interpersonal, Group and Systemic Conflict (Nabatchi Syllabus)

PAI 756 - International Development Policy and Administration (Schnell Syllabus)

PAI 757 - Economics of Development (McPeak Syllabus)

PAI 759 - Girls' Education in the Developing World (Bertini Syllabus)

PAI 763 - NGO Management in Developing and Transitional Countries (Lux Syllabus)

PAI 764 - UN Organizations: Managing for Change (Bertini Syllabus)

PAI 765 - Humanitarian Action (Bertini Syllabus)

PAI 767 - Fund Development for Non-Profits (Carboni Syllabus)

PAI 770 - Climate Change: Science, Perception, and Policy (Wilcoxen Syllabus)

PAI 772 - Science, Technology, and Public Policy (Lambright Syllabus)

PAI 775 - Energy, Environment, and Resource Policy (Lambright Syllabus)

PAI 777 - Economics of Environmental Policy (Popp Syllabus)

PAI 778 - Development Finance (Christen Syllabus)

PAI 782 - Health Services Management (Dennison Syllabus)

PAI 783 - Changing American Healthcare System (Dennison Syllabus)

PAI 784 - Education Policy (Schwartz Syllabus)

PAI 785 - Policy Implementation (Van Slyke Syllabus)

PAI 786 - Urban Policy (Lecy Syllabus, Yinger Syllabus)