Over the last decade, PAIA students have completed hundreds of unique internships around the world. Their stories are collected online on The Stacks: PAIA at Home & Abroad, a blog featuring student reflections on their internship experiences.

Students pursuing the MAIR degree have pursued internships on nearly every continent. These experiences allow students to transition between the academic and professional world as well as serve as a launching point for future endeavors within the international relations degree's five career tracks. Internships are further offered through global programs focusing on practical experience. 

Internship requirements are designed to ensure that each experience serves a practical training purpose, equipping the student to enter the job market upon completion of the degree. To understand what internships qualify for academic credit and the assignments involved, students should refer to the internship section of the PAIA student blackboard group.  

The PAIA department has created a step-by-step internship guide to illustrate the process from initial planning to final decisions. For more information on any of the information provided or to schedule a one-on-one meeting, please e-mail the Global Programs Coordinator, Isaac Olson .

Note: While the Global Programs Coordinator will provide advice and counsel on organizations for you to consider, facilitate contacts at these organizations, and review your application materials for any internship position, the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs does not provide direct placement within organizations. This is to ensure that the organization and position meet your specific needs and allow you the opportunity to successfully conduct an international relations job search.